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Crypto Investment New Shape

AI trading for everybody

automated AI trading for everyone with $1000 USD minimum

No fees

no withdrawal penalty, no entry, no exit or management fees you can cashout whenever you like

Risks managed

algorithms will diversify your portfolio

Portfolio1 Month3 Months6 MonthsYear to DateSince Inception
SecretEve 1 (Alpha)15%41%97%373%186%
SecretEve 2 (Alpha)24%87%249%410%278%
Competition 122%88%109%109%74%
Competition 214%64%75%75%49%
Competition 313%46%47%47%35%
Crypto Buy & Hold19%84%93%93%40%
S & P 5005%4%17%17%2%
PortfolioAnnualized Return (Higher is better)Maximum Drawdown (Lower is better)Calmer Ratio (Higher is better)Sharpe Ratio (Higher is better)
SecretEve 1 (Alpha)168%12.96%12.96%3.06%
SecretEve 2 (Alpha)258%12.61%20.49%3.33%
Competition 1101%24%4.24%2.55%
Competition 267%19%3.53%2.4%
Competition 348%15%3.15%1.73%
Crypto Buy & Hold55%39%1.4%0.98%
S & P 5003%18%0.15%0.27%


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